Stratified powder sampler

Characteristics:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The sampling volume of powder particles can be adj




1. The sampling volume of powder particles can be adjusted. The range of sampling quantity is 0.1ml-4.0ml, increasing by 0.1ml (the sampling quantity is expressed by volume)

2. Multi point sampling at different positions of the material, and the samples obtained at each point are separated independently.

2. Material: SUS316L high quality stainless steel

3. Surface treatment: the inside and outside of the sampler are both mirror polished, without dead angle, easy to clean

4. It is suitable for sampling of powder and granule

5. Meet the requirements of GMP and FDA in pharmaceutical industry


Unit dose sampler



1. Widely used in the sampling of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical industry and other industries

2. It is suitable for raw material inspection, and sampling in mixer

3. Material proof and operation instruction can be provided.

4. The size can be customized, and can be sterilized at high temperature (dry heat and wet heat sterilization can be used)

5. Unique design and meticulous detail treatment to ensure compliance with FDA standards



Sampling principle:


1. Insert the sampler into the medium to reach the depth of sampling

2. Rotate the inner rod, open the sampling port, and the sample enters the mold

3. Rotate the inner rod and open the sampling port to obtain the first sample
4. Slide the inner rod upward 
5. Repeat the operation to obtain the second and the third sample
6. Take the sampler out of the material, and then take the sampling mold out of the sampler to get three samples in the same position 



                                             Selection table of unit dose sampler
ModelDiameter Number of samplesVolume (adjustable) Length(L1)Length(L2) Material
SME-80022mm30-4.0ml 600mm850mmSUS316L
SME-100022mm3, 50-4.0ml 800mm1050mmSUS316L
SME-120022mm3, 5, 70-4.0ml 1000mm1250mmSUS316L
SME-150022mm3, 5, 7, 9,0-4.0ml 1300mm1550mmSUS316L
SME-180022mm3, 5, 7, 90-4.0ml 1600mm1850mmSUS316L
SME-200022mm3, 5, 7, 9,100-4.0ml 1800mm2050mmSUS316L