Closed Loop Sampler

※ IntroductionHCYM Airtight Sampler is developed in accordance with SH0233-92 "Liquefied petroleum gas sampling method" and UOP technique is applied. The device is applicable to all medium i

※ Introduction

HCYM Airtight Sampler is developed in accordance with SH0233-92 "Liquefied petroleum gas sampling method" and UOP technique is applied. The device is applicable to all medium in petrochemical units specially to middle and low voltage medium of toxic, hazardous, flammable and explosive. No leakage in sampling. Sample be taken is of great authenticity and accuracy. And there is no raffinate and residue gas. Poison and harmful medium will not do harm to operators. At the meantime,

it is environmental-friendly, and dangerous occurrence caused by flammable and explosive medium are avoided. State regulations on enviroment protection, fire prevention and explosion prevention are firmly abided by.

There are two main types of HCYM Sampler: online type and sealed type. The general nomenclature of the two types is Closed Sampling Device. Online type is basic mode, and sealed type be equipped with other functions to meet sampling of higher demand and quality.


※ Principle of Work and Feature

1, Online Sampler

(1), The inlet and outlet between HCYM online sampler and sample medium are sealed by MFM female and male flange. All connects between the device and sample sources are controlled by reliable valve to ensure security.

(2), Sample medium is collected by high pressure steel cylyinder. Two apertures of the steel clyinder are controlled by reliable needle valve, and quick coupler is used to make installation of steel clinder safe, convenient and fast.

2, Airtight Sampler

HCYM Airtight Sampler is based on Online Sampler. Relevant functions are added to improve safety, convenience, reliability and to adapt to all conditions and all sorts of airtight medium. Specifically, as following:

(1) By-pass valve is equipped to control the direction of medium flow and to coordinate the independent operation of circulation, collection, condensate drain and emptying of sample medium;

(2) To ensure all sample be fully filled into the steel clyinder, there should be positive differential pressure (a least 0.01Mpa) between the inlet port and outlet port. If not, a reliable pneumatic pump shall be used to help the liquid to circulate.

(3) To ensure accuracy, filter, condensate drain port, emptying port and the torch mouth shall be equipped to empty remaining liquid and gaseous material. To ensure operability and security, valve shall be installed in the forepart of condensate drain port and emptying port.

(4) To ensure purity and accuracy of sampling, mixture medium of gas and liquid shall be equipped with line strainer and separation vessel.

(5) Medium of high (low) temperature shall be cooled (heated) to 20℃, and sampler shall be equipped with cooling (heating) system to make sampling convenient and to ensure the security of operators;

(6) To avoid explosion and fire, and ensure security, electrostatic grounding component shall be equipped.

(7) To make sampling safer and quicker, XX(or aggregator), quantitative tank and timer controller can be equipped. And operating procedure will be simplified and smpling procedure be more Automated.

(8) In accordance with customers' requirement, internal components for multi-floating and grab sampling can be equipped to achieve multi-sampling, grab-sampling and homogeneous sealed sampling.

(9) To get strict homogeneous sealed sample, stirring apparatus or mixer can be added.


※ Technical Parameters

HCYM Sampler is made up with the following components: cabinet, sampling bottle, qick connects, tensimeter, valve, sealing elements and flange.bFor quick connector is used between sampling bottle and process pipeline, the operation is simple, fast and convenient.

Applicability: the sampling of all kinds of liquid medium that is toxic, hazardous, flammable and explosive.

Temperature: 045℃

Design pressure: 0.2510.0MPa

Flow Rate: 250ml or 500ml


※ Classification of production modes and structure chart


1, Sealed Sampler


 (2) Online sampler with cooler


※ Method of Use

1, Preparation

To choose corresponding steel cylinder of certain volume in accordance with required sample amount. The steel cylinder shall be clean and dry.

2, Emptying

3, Sampling

4, Sample keeping

 Sample shall be placed in shadow until all tests be done. To avoid accidental open or breaking, sample shall be kept in special frame.