Tank Automatic Drainage Device

1. **O**verviewHQSY LPG Tank Automatic Drainage Device is my company according to the need of water cut liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), developed by design and development of a new generation of produc

1. **O**verview

HQSY LPG Tank Automatic Drainage Device is my company according to the need of water cut liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), developed by design and development of a new generation of products in domestic technology is in the lead, compared with domestic similar product, it has the structure is reasonable, safe and reliable, from the influence of pressure tank size, do not need to plus power, automatic mechanical cut water, this equipment service life is long, can not only site automatic cutting water control, also can remote control to achieve safety and reliable double insurance, in cold season, spherical tank bottom to the operation condition of the frozen water this device can clip set temperature with outsourcing to ensure normal water cut.

Our company produces HQSY LPG Tank Automatic Drainage Device (patent no. : 200520096029.0), with its original secondary dewatering sealing, in order to ensure the water with the liquid gas cutting both pressure dehydration, or after the dehydration under pressure, these two conditions were no liquid gas leak.

The field experiments show that in 0 ~ 6.0 Mpa pressure range in the water, water cut after the completion of the months without liquid gas or liquid hydrocarbon leaks, completely satisfy needs working conditions on site.

This product in liquefied petroleum gas spherical tank automatic water cut, replaced by artificial water cut, solve the leakage of water cut to defects, and reduce the waste of liquefied petroleum gas, effective control of human poisoning, inflammable and explosive accidents, therefore, this product is satisfied with the system AnGou change, GuanDaoHua emissions requirements, to avoid the disorder emissions, improve the ecological environment.

This product after the labor department strict inspection approval, its design, manufacturing and acceptance completely meet the following standards:

1. Container security technical regulations: “pressure vessel safety technology and inspection procedures”

2. GB/T50183-2004 “oil and gas engineering of the code for fire protection design;

3. Design, materials, manufacturing, test and check conditions: gb1501998 “steel pressure vessel”

4. Steel pipe flanges, gasket, fastener standards: HG20592-2000 and HG20592-20635;

5. Paint, packaging transport related standard: JB/T4711-2000 “pressure vessel of coating and transport package”.

This product can also equipped with monitoring detection system.

2. **Working principle**

This product is cut by automatic water the shell, float, leverage and buoyancy amplification mechanism, no back pressure the second sealing valve and other major parts. It USES water and liquid hydrocarbon density difference and liquid in containers pressure are the principle of cloth, through the float immersed in water and liquid hydrocarbon achieve poor the buoyancy movement up and down, with the aid of the force amplifying institutions amplification buoyancy poor, regard this as the motive force to control without pressure valves open and shut, and will cut the water tank of separation liquid hydrocarbon back quickly within the sphere to automatic, so as to achieve the purpose of water cut automatic control.

This product can according to user needs, set up the automatic control system (including: remote monitoring system of emergency cut-off valve, signal processing parts, monitor display, etc), in the control room can monitor many sets of spherical tank water cut, implement emergency open and close, make the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cut water management automation.

3. **T**echnical feature

1. The design pressure: 2.2 MPa to 6.4 MPa

2. Working temperature: 1 -50

3. Work medium: liquefied petroleum gas class liquid and water

4. Liquefied petroleum gas kind of liquid medium density: more than 790 kg/m ³

5. Cut water quantity: 2 ~ 5 m ³ / h

6. Cut water containing hydrocarbon quantity: more than 20 PPM

7. Instrument control alarm system voltage: DC24V

4. **Product **structure

HQSY LPG Tank Automatic Drainage Device installation mapping


5. **Specification model **description


6. **Installation**

1. To cut the water in the level of fastening devices on the platform, the legs buried under a good anchor bolt;

2. Drain and cut the LPG spherical tank for water inlet connection, achieve docking completely sealed, and ground support and firm, cut water quantity completely fell on weighted platform;

3. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cut water will take the installation static grounding lines, grounding resistance is not more than 10 ohms, to prevent electrostatic.

7. **Guide to use**

1. Cut the water first open the LPG spherical tank drain valve, make water cut into the nozzle, and then cut open water is an outlet valve that automatically drainage, water clean cut water device automatic shut;

2. Water cut is normal maintenance and troubleshooting, must pass good cut the water outlet ball valve. Open the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) spherical tank drain valve 50 minutes, make water cut in the diverter housing liquid hydrocarbon in return to spherical tank, again to close LPG spherical tank drainage valve, which can ensure the safety of repair work;

3. The water cut for liquefied use. Maintenance. Maintenance shall be according to the national labor personnel department relevant LPG spherical tank supervision and the relevant provisions on the administration of, use the unit must formulate strict liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cut the use of the water and maintenance. Maintenance. Supervisory management system;

4. The water is not cut liquefaction near heat source. Not bump, is prohibited in the use of water cut around easy to have the spark the tools and fireworks;

5. The cold season or north cold region cut the water must pay attention to the heat preservation, prevent freezing.

6. Automatic control system installation:

A) dehydrator system for a assembly system: the connection head. Emergency cut-off valve. With hydrocarbon QiGan should probe monitoring cans. Information processing and other components of the part;

B) if you need, as long as the assembly system and cut the outlet of the water is connected, grafted in 24 V power supply can, installation is very convenient.

8. **M**aintenance

1. Cut the water must be strengthened daily inspection and maintenance, fault should be promptly eliminate, keep the water cut is in good working condition and to strictly enforce local labor department and the public security fire department relevant provisions;

2. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cut the water of the regular check, inspection into months. The annual inspection and comprehensive inspection three, the annual inspection annual, comprehensive examination by “let rules” relative regulations, cut the water from within three years must be put into use first comprehensive examination, such as the annual examination found serious defects, must advance comprehensive examination;

3. Take comprehensive examination department and user should be according to the relevant provisions of labor management rules strictly executed;

A. liquefied petroleum cut the water annual inspection includes the following content:

(1) check the surface water cut without crack. Corrosion. Indentation. Leak, defects;

(2) according to “let rules” check the relevant requirements without pressure valve. Electromagnetic valve. An outlet valve, carries on the corresponding performance test or inspection, unqualified parts should change in time;

(3) all of the flange sealing;

(4) pressure test and shell thickness detection (is greater than 3.67 mm).

B. monthly inspection includes the following content:

(1) cut the appearance of the water vessels have abnormal happens;

(2) water cut is normal;

(3) if drainage liquid hydrocarbon leaks;

(4) when complete water cut after operation, cut the water water valve is closed;

(5) monitoring system parts are running normally.

9**. Order Notes**

1. The order, please refer to the instruction for use user detailed, selected type and specification;

2. The company is responsible for on-site guidance, site installation and supporting materials required by the user is responsible for;

3. If the user needs to cut water control introduce monitoring room, please clearly in the contract, the use of the monitoring system of instruction and the specific content of the monitoring software. Installation. Use on delivery provided;

4. Special requirements can be based on user need a reservation for the production;

5. The products implement three guarantees, the guarantee period a year.