Drainage device

1. **O**verviewAs the national petroleum chemical industry the development of industry and increase of oil tanks, safety protection and environmental management problem increasingly, past oil chemical

1. **O**verview

As the national petroleum chemical industry the development of industry and increase of oil tanks, safety protection and environmental management problem increasingly, past oil chemical enterprise in storage tanks in the process of dehydration, generally USES artificial site see work of manual valves dehydration, visual dehydration with oil to close the valve, such already cause oil waste and pollution of the environment, will also run for dehydration caused the oil fire, the domestic several major oil tank area fire accident and oil tank artificial dehydration run on oil, to the state and people’s life and property caused heavy loss. Therefore, my company now according to the need of petrochemical industry tanks dehydration, in the original technology developed based on the design of a new generation of products “HQS type automatic cut the water tank” (patent no. : 200520096029.0).

This product corrosion resistance is strong, and large displacement, return oil speed with reasonable design, simple structure and convenient operation, safe and reliable. This product in petroleum, chemical industry use can replace artificial middle cut water storage tank, has realized automatic water cut, solve the water ran the man-made cut oil, oil products and to reduce the waste and environmental pollution.

The use of this product is greatly reduced operators’ labor intensity and artificial cut water hydrogen sulphide poisoning. So the use of this product promotion can satisfy the petrochemical system of GuanDaoHua AnGou emissions, the requirements, avoid disorderly emissions, the improvement of ecological environment, and accord with the national environmental protection request.

This product conforms GB50074-2002 “oil depot” code for design and GB50160-92 “petroleum chemical enterprise of the code for fire protection design rules, for all kinds of oil tank and liquid chemical material tank of water cut.

2. **Working principle**

This product using Archimedes law, lever principle and filled with liquid containers of internal pressure the principle of uniform, rely on the float in oil medium buoyancy difference and make float up and down movement, and through the force of amplification mechanism will increase the buoyancy of float get sent to enlarge, this as power drain valve control of the open, to cut water and oil sealing purpose, achieve automatic water cut.

This product USES no back pressure special design structure, make open or close the valve more flexible, can also according to the customer’s need to implement system of remote automatic monitoring, make water tank, cut automatic management.

3. **Product technical features**

1. The perfect using Archimedes law and leveraging the amplification principle, will produce oil and water density difference the buoyancy of poor cleverly into power, realize the don’t need energy to automatically cut water;

2. Oil and water into the cut after the water can be separated, the more oil can quickly back into the oil tank, when the water level in the cut to a certain height, the valve core open drainage, water levels to a certain height, the valve core automatically shut off;

3. Cut after water, water cut is always maintain a certain height in the water level, form to be automatic water seal; The two sealing of dehydration, ensure no oil leaked;

4. This product USES no back pressure without pressure valves, lever first drive needle valve mobile, make internal and external pressure valve core consistent, lever continue to move, the needle valves and valve core very flexible together began to cut water, in and out of the oil can normal cut water;

5. Counterweight was fixed on the float internal, when oil density have change, do not need to adjust the balance;

6. Cut the water has been with the drain valve and clean water cut is not need to cut apart water purifier, cleaning a cut water vessels only need ten minutes to finish;

7. Cut the water drain can be arbitrary put around, there are 360 ° of drainage directions to choose from;

8. Small size, low foundation of tank bottom of tank adaptability is strong;

9. According to user’s special requirements, and meet the different working conditions cut water requirements.

4. **Technology parameters**

1. Work pressure than 0.2 MPa

2. Working temperature: 0 -80

3. Nominal cut water: 5 m ³ / h, 10 m ³ / h, 15 m ³ / h, 20 m ³ / h, 30 m ³ / h, 60 m ³ / h

4. Cut water oil content: more than 80 PPM

5. Work medium: type A, type B light crude oil or heavy fuel oil

6. Applicable medium density ρ 20: more than 960 kg/m ³

7. The steam pressure: 0.1 MPa than P than 1.0 MPa

5. **Specification model **description


6. **Product **structure

1.HQS Oil Tank Automatic Drainage Device appearance figure


HQS Oil Tank Automatic Drainage Device Size table

7. **Installation and notes(If a high degree of medium impurities, it must be installed filter**)