Y type Filter Strainer

※ Introduction Filters developed by our company possess the following feature: compact structure, excellent capability of filtering, wide application, easy maintenance, low price etc. Target mediu

※ Introduction

    Filters developed by our company possess the following feature:  compact structure, excellent capability of filtering, wide application, easy maintenance, low price etc. Target medium of the product are as following: 

Low corrosive material generated by chemical industry and petrochemical industry, such as: water, oil, ammonia and hydrocarbon etc.

    Corrosive material generated by petrochemical industry, such as: liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, and all kinds of refrigerating fluid.

    In addition to functions of common filter, the newly developed filter products of our company can provide information of changing or cleaning filter screens and distant light warning.

 Label of Modes



1, Y Filter

1Cast thread connectionGLY-R)、Passive weldedGLY-SW)(DN1550PN5.0MPa

 (2)GLY cast special diameter flangeGLY-F

3GLY cast special diameter flangeGLYD-F)、Special diameter two-way weldedGLYD-W

4GLY weld cone-shaped thread (LGY-R)Passive weldedLGY-SW)(DN1540PN5.0MPa

5GLY cast flangeGLY-F型)(DN1540PN5.0MPa

6GLY cast flange connection with jacketGLYJ-F)(DN20200PN5.0MPa

7GYL special diameter flange connectionGLYD-F-AGLYD-F-BGLYD-F-C)(PN10.0MPa

8GYL special diameter two-way welded GLYD-W-AGLYD-W-BGLYD-W-C)(PN10.0MPa



2, GLT Filter

1GLT two-way welded direct connectionGLT-W)(DN50400PN5.0MPa

2GLT flange direction connectionGLT-F)(DN50400PN5.0MPa

3GLT two-way welded fold direct connectionGLTMI-W)(DN200500PN5.0MPa

4GLT two-way welded positive foldedGLT-W

5GLT two-way welded reverse foldedGLT-W



无缝气瓶生产商,密闭取样器,自动切水器,截油排水器    无缝气瓶生产商,密闭取样器,自动切水器,截油排水器

6GLT flange connection positive foldedGLT-F

7GLT flange connection reverse foldedGLT-F


8GLT two-way welded special diameter positive folded

9GLT two-way welded special diameter reverse folded


3, GLUP Basket Filter

(1)Basket flange direct flat-bottomed filter(GLUP Ⅰ-F)(DN15~300,PN≤5.0MPa)

2)Basket flange overlapping flat-bottomed filter(GLUP Ⅰ-F)(DN15~300,PN≤5.0MPa)

(3)Basket flange direct flat-bottomed filter with jacket(GLUP Ⅰ-F)(DN15~200,PN≤5.0MPa)

(4)Basket flange direct enclosed filter(GLUP II-F)(DN200~500,PN≤5.0MPa)

(5)Basket flange overlapping enclosed filter(GLUP MII-F)(DN200~500,PN≤5.0MPa)

(6)Basket flange high-low type plat-bottomed filter(GLUP Ⅲ-F)(DN25~300,PN≤5.0MPa)

(7)Basket flange overlapped high-low type plat-bottomed filter(GLUP MⅢ-F)(DN25~300,PN≤5.0MPa)


4, GLUL Filter for Temporary Purpose

1)Cone-shaped forward current temporary filter(GLUL-Ⅰ)(DN25~600,PN≤5.0MPa)

(2) Cone-shaped reverse current temporary filter(GLUL-Ⅱ)(DN25~600,PN≤5.0MPa)

(3)Plat-bottomed filter(GLUL-Ⅲ)(DN25~600,PN≤5.0MPa)



5, Hand Brush Filter


Hand Brush Filter is a kind with simplicity and efficiency. When impurity accumulated on cone-shaped filter screen, there will be pressure difference between inlet and outlet, and there will be cleaning request when the difference reaches certain level. There is no need for people to open any part of the device when the process goes on, and the only thing to do is to open the valve and turn the handle for 3-4 circles. And the result will be beyond expectation.


※ Features

Linear structure is applied. Delicate design is used for space save;

Filter screen of high precision and high strength is applied. 

Cone-shaped. Precision reaches 100~3000 micrometer;

Easy cleaning: stainless brush is used;

No cutoff when reverse wash goes on;

Water for reverse wash is extremely little, which is no more than 1% of the total flow.


6, GLUX Degassing Filter



7, GLUD High-low Connected overlapping Basket Filter

GLUP-C-1.0    GLUP-C-1.6                   

GLUP-C-2.5    GLUP-C-4.0                   

(Material of housing:20#)

GLUP-S-1.0    GLUP-S-1.6

GLUP-S-2.5    GLUP-S-4.0

(Material of housing:0Cr18Ni9) 


8, Horizontal Anti-sweeping Filter PN4.0