Wanan Environmental Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Division was established in 2011 and mainly produces integrated wastewater treatment series, oil collection series, slag slag slag series, dosing and coagulation series, sludge dewatering series, and transportation press series. Series, nearly a hundred kinds of products and equipment. The base is located at No. 58, Wenquan East Road, Economic Development Zone, Honghu City. It covers an area of 150 mu. The workshop and welding workshop, metalworking workshop, test pool, and comprehensive building have a total area of more than 30,000 square meters. It possesses advanced processing, testing, testing equipment and facilities such as CNC laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC lathes, horizontal lathes for 10m, and test pools for sewage treatment equipment. It has a complete ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 management system. A number of small environmentally-friendly products and technologies were introduced from Aquato, Germany, which greatly improved the environmental protection equipment manufacturing technology and technology level, and laid the leading position for environmental protection equipment manufacturing and water treatment equipment.

Landfill leachate recycling

Route one:

Pretreatment → Biochemical Treatment → MBR → NF → RO → Concentrate Evaporation System

Process characteristics

1. Effectively reduce pollutants, resist water changes and adapt to environmental changes, and have long service life;

2. The system has a high recovery rate of 75~80%;

3, applicable to landfill, transfer station, incineration plant and other leachate water quality;

4. The water quality of the produced water is good, and it can meet the “Standard for Pollution Control of Sanitary Landfill of Domestic Garbage” (GB16889-2008).

Route two:

Pretreatment → Biochemical Treatment → DTRO → DTRO → Concentrate Evaporation System

Reverse osmosis membrane method as the core process of landfill leachate treatment. Disc-type Reverse Osmosis Membrane (DTRO) has the advantages of stable operation, good water quality, and high anti-pollution ability. It is the most widely used landfill leachate treatment membrane technology.

Process advantages

1. The pretreatment is simple, the ability to resist water changes and adapt to environmental changes is strong, and the equipment has a long service life;

2, DTRO high pressure, high system recovery, can reach 70 ~ 75%;

3.DTRO has high removal rate of organic matter and ammonia nitrogen, good water quality, stable and reliable equipment operation;

4, DTRO integrated modular design, simple installation and maintenance;

5, can be used as an emergency treatment equipment.