Oilfield reinjection water purification treatment technology

After the three-phase separation of the oilfield production fluid, a large amount of oily wastewater is generated. In order to maintain the power of the formation, the produced wastewater must be treated and injected back into the ground. In order to maintain the sustainable exploitation of the oil field, it must be ensured that the quality of the reinjected water meets the relevant standards. At present, the injecting water treatment technologies used in domestic oilfields are difficult to guarantee the stability of the treated water quality to meet the relevant indicators of water injection, which seriously affects the sustainable development of the oilfield. Wanan Environmental Protection Company adopts the technology of oil recovery wastewater treatment system, which is based on the two technologies of "recessively stimulated oil, water, gas three-phase separation technology" and "blocking and degreasing technology," and can effectively guarantee the quality of the treatment of reinjection water. . The process is high-precision (which can stably achieve the water quality index of Class A reinjection in oil fields), short-flow, low-cost (more than 40% lower cost than the existing oil field treatment system), crude oil recovery (recovery rate of crude oil is more than 90%), etc. Excellent performance, praised by the user unit.

Industrial Oily Wastewater Purification Technology

    The amount of oil-bearing wastewater generated by oil refining companies is very large. The oil content of influent water exceeds 100PPM, resulting in a long-term unqualified state of the total water-emissions indicators, which places great pressure on the environmental protection of enterprises. Wanan Environmental Oily Wastewater Treatment Technology is a new type of refined oil removal device developed with the company's patented “oil-containing sewage deoiling technology”. The air-floating effluent passes through a multi-medium multi-filter degreasing device, suspended solids and oil The amount and COD are greatly reduced, the oil content can be set below 5PPM, and the subsequent biochemical treatment load is greatly reduced.

Oily Wastewater Treatment Equipment Advantages

1. Wastewater treated by Wanan Environmental Protection Deoiling Technology, 100% oil recovery, oil content as low as 1-5PPM, COD reduction of 80%, subsequent biochemical treatment load greatly reduced, biochemical treatment capacity expanded by more than 30%.

2. The use of Wanan's environmental protection and oil removal technology will make the subsequent biochemical treatment simple, the amount of civil engineering work and floor space greatly reduced, and the one-time total investment in wastewater treatment will be lower than traditional processes.

3. The follow-up treatment does not require chemical additives, does not produce a lot of sludge, so that the operating cost is greatly reduced. Due to the stability of the inlet water index, the life of the biochemical treatment is prolonged, the operation is stable, and the maintenance cost is low.

Oil-water separation technology