Urban and rural sanitation garbage "integration"

Urban-rural sanitation garbage classification-sweeping-collecting-transfer-processing integration

The integrated treatment mode of “classification-sweeping-collection-transportation-treatment” for urban and rural household waste is integrated into the household garbage innocuous treatment system above the county level through the “household classification, village collection, township transshipment, and county and city treatment” methods. The "integration" mode of operation of management operations.

The integration of urban and rural sanitation is based on the requirements of the scientific concept of development. It puts the sanitation work of cities and rural areas on the same important position. Through unified planning and unified arrangements, it will carry out the integration of urban and rural environmental sanitation in a scientific and orderly manner and thoroughly solve rural sanitation. The development is lagging behind, and garbage is circumventing the village."

Road cleaning and cleaning: The use of machinery and labor, the use of mechanical equipment and cleaning tools, the removal of road surface, underground passages, elevated roads, pedestrian bridges, public squares, pedestrian street and other road surface dust, waste, maintenance of clean roads, waste box cleaning

Garbage Collection and Transshipment: The use of working tools and transport vehicles collects and transports domestic garbage, kitchen waste, decorative waste, and large (thick) pieces of garbage generated by residents and units to designated locations. Areas classified for collection must be collected and transported in accordance with the requirements of the classification. Clean the work site, maintenance tools and vehicles after the operation. Transfer of garbage: With the use of special facilities and implement equipment, the waste that will be carried into the transfer station will be transported to the waste disposal (placement) site after being collected, compressed, and compressed.